Rugh's Remodeling and Restoration LLC

Nextgen has been amazing. Great leads. Charges and credits are easily submitted. Next day appointments. Just the beginning of a long lasting business relationship. Thanks Kimberly Reed!

Eric D Rugh


Graham Dessert Construction

We started working with Kim and her team a few weeks ago - results came immediately, communication was excellent, and my favorite part - ability to log in and manage the leads. I look forward to future campaigns!

Graham Dessert


Burrell Built Exteriors

True professionals and should be at the top of your list for lead services. Stop wasting money on google, home advisor, ect and get straight to the client with NextGen!

Corey Burell


Storm Group Roofing

I have used NextGen for the last 2 weeks and we have gotten signed contracts on 80% of the jobs we've gone out to. I have used 2 other lead gen companies and haven't gotten any true good leads. With the other companies homeowners weren't home, they weren't in the storm paths, people weren't interested when we got there. Just a complete waste of time. That wasn't the case with NextGen. I'm still buying as many as they'll send me and I'm hoping to have hundreds more coming. Great company, Great results.

Matt Davis


Above Par Construction

I love this lead generation company. The majority of the leads I travel to actually sit for the inspection appointment and I typically close them at a high enough percentage to definitely justify continual use of NextGen’s services. Mark and Kim are more than willing to customize a calling campaign, and are always easy to get a hold of. I personally send Google Maps snapshots of areas I want called and they go to work. Don’t want a roof under 7 years old to inspect, they won’t give you one! GREAT COMPANY!

Justin Giles


Storm Ventures Group

The Reed family understands the need for speed when generating quality leads. Speed + Lead=Reed. NextGen Storm Leads is really a cut above. And one of our youngest entrepreneur CEOs in the industry! We are proud to support NextGen Storm Leads. I met Mark at his very first 2017 Win The Storm Conference, and his company was launched a mere week later. This is what it’s all about. Speed to market with precision and industry insights. With the right people, the right tools, and a knowledge of the secret sauce, the sky is the limit.

Anthony Delmedico


Expert Exteriors Kansas

Great company and marketing strategy. These guys use industry experience to effectively market specific trades. Their attention to detail allows the customer to pick the area being marketed, and their staff are courteous and reliable. If you've purchased telemarketing leads in the past you know how unreliable they can be. This company is changing the game.

Corey Beech


Rhino Roofing

Excellent service. Quality leads. We couldn’t be happier with our ROI.

Justen Newton


Expert Exteriors Denver

I've never had better phone leads than I have with NextGen Storm Leads! Their team is awesome and easy to work with as well!

Josh Lucero


Legacy Home Improvement

I was very happy with the quality leads I received from NextGen!

Marques White


North West Roofing

This is by far the best lead company out there. We receive solid, quality leads. Leads that haven’t already been kicked around to everyone else. We’ve quickly jumpstarted our Sales strategy and increased revenue by $300K by closing just 5 deals out of our first 7 leads. And that’s a low estimate. We look forward to working with NextGen Storm Leads to continue to outrank the competition!

Paul Reed